Software developing sports addict who loves to gamble

I like to keep my eyes wide open. I see things that excite me, make me sad, angry or leave me just speechless. I'll try to put this thoughts and feelings "to paper" and show you how the world turns from my perspective.

Everything here is 100% me and I am the only one who should take the blame (or praise).

I hope you like the things you see here. If so, leave a comment, otherwise, leave a comment :)


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My fight against a fly...

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Coding for fun!

I work as a developer for since September of 2011 and I love it! I am still fascinated how a bunch of keystrokes can make the computer do what I want. I always have new projects in mind but only one pair of hands to make them become reality.


I want to ride my bicycle!

If you see me in the city it will probably be on a bike. I love it! It just gives me the freedom to go wherever I want. Riding my bike to work is just a nice change of pace when compared to the 8 hours spend behind the computer.


Gamble time!

For quite a long time I have been playing cards with a passion. You propose a bet, give me some odds and I'll probably accept them. It's not all about the money but more about the thrill of trying to outplay your opponent. I am not the best player but I certainly enjoy it more then others.